What is Fastar Kids?


FastarKids is a unique educational concept giving children  and adults the opportunity to learn lots of interesting and useful facts in a playful and engaging way that children will simply love!

All you have to do is download FastAR Kids app  and point the camera of your device to the picture to see the heroes come alive and hear the respective information, sound, or music.

Playing with our interactive books and kits with augmented reality offers unlimited possibilities - read texts, sing songs, and play real sounds, observe animals, geometric shapes, and different phenomenons in 3D.

Nowadays, we have many opportunities to develop 
the hobbies and educational* interests of your children. Every day, our team of professionals make every effort to ensure that the products we offer are diverse and of the highest quality.
FastARkids  shop is a collection of inspiring educational and entertaining games, STEAM kits, books , and educational flashcards for modern kids. 
Also, our unique educational products, games and toys are perfectly integrated into the educational process in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. 
We want science to evoke positive emotions, bring you and your children a lot of pleasure and joy. The wide range of products means that every teacher and parent will find something for their children and students.

In our store we offer educational games, educards, puzzles, books, toys that support the all-round development of each child. Here you will find, among others, products for the study of mathematics, nature, English, art, chemistry, physics, biology and geography. It is very important to stimulate the child's abilities in such a way that he can express  emotions and thoughts. That's why we've created a wide range of educational products that develop speaking, writing and reading skills.

We also take into account children with special educational needs by offering teaching aids in the framework of inclusive education. We want every child to have the opportunity to maximize their potential, despite their special needs. Our products will also help children with individual learning. that support the all-round development of each child.

How does FastAR Kids work?

It is very simple; Download free app FastAR Kids or FastAR Kids edu, choose the right icon in the library and point camera of your device to the picture, card or poster.  Watch how pictures on the cards, books or posters come alive and talk in AR - enjoy the magic!

The big advantage is that our free app works with all our books and kits , so you don't need to pay for the app or to download a new app for each book. When you buy a new educational kit, book or cards, you just have to download a new file from the library inside FastAR Kids app and you can enjoy the book right away!

Who is FastAR Kids for?

kollag2.jpgFastAR Kids is intended for both pre-school and school-age children. But adults will love FastAR Kids too! All you need to do is to decide which book you want to read first.

Our production are based on special technology that makes it possible for even the youngest children to use them on their own, even if they cannot read yet. Thanks to FastAR Kids app, children can listen to a fairy tale or learn new colours, shapes, letters and numbers in a playful and engaging way. 

Older children and adults could be interested in topics such as geography, history or biology, and will definitely like some of these books or sets: Animals and Continents, the Human Body or Exploring universe.