4D Game Set for kids Dinosaurs with augmented reality

3+, 6+, 8+, 9+
30,5 cm
23,0 cm

Have you ever wondered what dinosaurs looked like? Or how they lived?

Now you can see them for yourself with the FastAR Kids Edu app.

This set includes: 12pcs 3D models (toys) of animals, a book with augmented reality that brings these creatures to life, dinosaur puzzles, edu cards with quiz questions (18 pcs) and dino stickers.

With this set you will learn more about climate and features of the species that inhabited Europe. You will find out what dinosaurs looked like, what size they were, get acquainted with their structure, diet and way of living.
In the Dinosaurs book you will find out interesting information about the  oldest known dinosaurs  and habits of these amazing animals. Bright drawings, funny pictures covering the facts about the times when planet was inhabited by these incredible and mysterious creatures. You can also play with realistic 3D models of animals and see how  dinosaurs inside the book come alive with FastAR Kids Edu app.

Thanks to the digital magic of Augmented Reality you can bring dinosaurs roaring back to life from the page with your smartphone or tablet. Developed specifically for mobile devices, including the iPhone, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Dinosaur delivers a completely new level of Augmented Reality experience. Unleash a T. rex on the breakfast table, or take a photo of your mates as a mighty Pteranodon swoops through the air before their eyes. "Dinosaurs"  book from FastAR Kids brings these long-extinct prehistoric creatures back to life. See your family and friends onscreen, interacting with Augmented Reality dinosaurs and then capture the moment with photos that will amaze everyone!

Some of the amazing features of this product 

  • AI learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D digital stories
  • Interactive Learning
  • Immersive Reading
  • Digital Story Book
  • STEM subjects
  • STEM projects for kids
  • Interactive Science Experiments for Kids